Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thomas Family Reunion

Well we had a blast! Great food, fun boating, kayaking, singing, biking, playing games, playing Wii, just hanging out, reading books, and lots of love from my 14 grand kids!

A special Thanks to Michal for finding such a great house, putting together the menu's, and schedules. Jared, thank you for getting a friend to loan the boat and for being so patient in letting everyone have fun boating. Myrissa the golden rocks and prizes really added to the fun and I think the kids will always remember the feeling of helping and sharing.

Everyone added something to make our reunion wonderful. I'm so proud of my family and the great talent that is shown by love and deed.


  1. Sounds like it was a blast. What fun!!!
    We want to go next year :-)

  2. Thanks for letting us come and crash your party. I have the best in-law-in-laws ever!

  3. You need a new post of your skinny butt!